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Flood Restoration In Northridge, CA


Flood restoration in Northridge is a very specialized process: the main steps you need to be very careful about are drying, cleaning up, disinfecting, and restoring your property. Be particularly careful when it comes to the water: if the water is very contaminated, that’s the main reason why you will have to ask for professional help. Under no circumstances it’s a good idea to deal with a flood situation if you have black water on your property: black water contains sewage, and it can be particularly toxic for your health. That’s why flood restoration professionals use specialized equipment and follow certain safety processes: you can’t deal with black water on your own; that’s a fact.

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Cleaning and disinfecting are two important processes during the restoration process: you can’t restore a property after a terrible flood if the property is not properly disinfected; that’s a crucial detail you need to keep in mind. Only a true professional will be able to determine what kind of water you have on your property: clear water, greywater, or black water. Clearwater is not a big problem, but grey water and black water must be handled carefully.

After disinfecting, the restoration process will begin. This process may take a few days or a few weeks: it all depends on how severe the damage is. The most important thing you need to remember is that you must start the restoration process as soon as possible: if not, you may have to deal with mold problems in the future, as mold may arise quickly once you have a flood scenario. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional help: once the mold has appeared, it will be harder for you to deal with such a scenario, especially because you will have to ask for mold removal solutions.

Types Of Water During Flood Damage

It is important to know what type of water is invading our property during flood damage, as this will also affect the cost of flood restoration.

  • Clean water. As the name suggests, this is clean water that usually comes from a tap or rainwater and is free of chemicals and fecal matter, however it is not recommended to drink. The estimated price for cleaning clean water is around $4.00 per square foot.
  • Gray water. usually from an appliance, it may contain chemicals but not fecal matter. The cost is approximately $4.50 per square foot.
  • Black water. This type of water commonly comes from contaminated sources like toilets, black water contains toxins, bacteria, and other contaminants that could be extremely harmful to human health if exposed to it. The average cost to clean sewage is $7 per square foot.

In a flood damage scenario, it is important to recognize the type of water you will be dealing with, as this will help you get a rough idea of ​​total costs. It is also very important to avoid any contact with water during flood damage without proper protection and proper knowledge. It is best to contact Extreme Fix Water Damage Clean Up and Mold Remediation right away to address this issue and help reduce further damage and any health hazards to your family.



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