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Mold Removal In West Hills, CA

mold removal

Mold is a common occurrence after moisture incidents, whether from a broken pipe or a flood. It is almost certain that at some time of the year on your property, whether it is a home or a business, you will show signs of the presence of mold and other types of fungi.

A mold situation can be very stressful for homeowners, and it’s no wonder it not only causes property damage, but also puts your family’s physical safety at risk.

When a mold and mildew situation arises, you may want to treat the problem like a standard cleaning; however, depending on the level of the mold, it will be up to you, or alternatively, who should take care of it. By this, we mean either you or a professional mold removal in West Hills service.

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What Are The Best Diy Or Professional Mold Removal Services?

This is a question that many customers always ask about the mold removal in West Hills process. Many people are trying to save money these days and one way to do that is to do it yourself when it comes to mold removal. However, mold growth is no joke and should be handled with care. If this is your case and you find your residential or commercial property infested with mold. Think twice before deciding to handle it yourself. It may seem like an easy job to do, but if it’s not done correctly, it can end up causing major disasters for you, your family, and the entire property.

Under What Conditions Does Mold Form And Grow?

When mold spores begin to grow and spread, it’s because they found the right conditions. There are three scenarios you should consider:

  • Exterior: Under these conditions, mold begins to form in the shaded areas. Being outside is not enough to prevent moisture from developing mold. The spores are inhibited by ultraviolet light from the sun.
  • Inside: Under these conditions, sunlight is difficult to reach, so spores are more likely to start accumulating in dark conditions. Between properties, mold can occur on floors, wood, drywall, carpet, and more.
  • High temperatures: In addition to humidity, heat also favors the formation of mold. In as little as 48 hours or less, the spores can find the ideal environment to start reproducing. Mold manages to decompose and consume the materials it grows on, and then turns colors like black, blue, or green.
mold removal
mold removal
mold removal


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