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It sounds almost stealthily simple: why hire one of the mold removal companies when you can try to remove mold from your home on your own?

There are numerous drawbacks to mold removal in the home. Many homeowners are unaware of the respiratory problems mold can cause and the health effects if it is not disposed of in a manner that meets the EPA’s strict criteria.

And what’s worse, one small mistake can cause mold to spread throughout your home!

In fact, we’ve outlined ten reasons why you should seek Extreme Fix Water Damage Clean Up and Mold Remediation’s mold removal services instead of trying to do the project yourself.

1. Using the wrong tools:

It’s easy to think that simply a mask and gloves will certainly give you all the protection you need. However, consider this information from the EPA:

Mold and mildew not only often cause allergies, but can also trigger:

Residential movers use tools, including innovative air purification systems that create unfavorable air pressure. This keeps contaminants out of your residence and prevents them from entering, ensuring everyone’s health and safety.

2. Go short to remove all mold:

Mold can infest wood and basements, especially if your home was damaged as a result of a flood.

This also indicates that the mold could cover a much larger area than you can see. You will need competence in the mold removal business to identify the appropriate size and range of your problem.

3. Failure to achieve high indoor air quality detection

For that reason, to make sure your home is safe, indoor air quality tests are always a great suggestion, especially if mold has been an intermittent problem in your home.

Mold is not your only problem – allergens, irritants and toxins can get trapped in your vents, creating the need for professional air quality detection solutions.

4. Contamination of your air conditioning system

If mold has infiltrated your HVAC system, you are facing a major and recurring health problem.

Running the air conditioning system before the mold problem is completely fixed can spread mold throughout your residence.

5. Trigger much bigger problems.

To fully appreciate this danger, you must recognize how mold spreads. Mold produces spores. When these become airborne, such as when mold is improperly removed from the home, these spores can spread to other places in your home.

6. Stop work to clean up properly after finishing the job.

Mold removal becomes complex and can be unsafe. This means that the work must be completed in stages. One of the last stages is effectively classifying and disposing of devices that were used at the same time.

If you’re doing the work yourself, not disinfecting the cleaning devices you’ve been using can cause the problem to start all over again. This is another factor, much better left to the professionals.

7. Not being able to identify the different types of mold

To complete an extensive mold removal, the initial step is usually to determine what type of mold it is. If you don’t, your initiatives will certainly not only fail, but you’ll receive additional direct exposure to the mold you’re trying to get rid of.

8. Reveal yourself to harsh cleaners

Professional movers not only buy the best equipment, we also have access to the necessary protective equipment. We also offer “environmentally friendly” cleaning alternatives that offer some of the most efficient work without direct exposure to harsh chemicals.

9. Several other contaminants are missing

Perhaps your mold problem is due to a sewage leak. If so, you have an additional issue to deal with and a more extensive restore may be required. Whether it’s a sewer leak or flood damage, comprehensive repairs are required to get your home back to health.

10. Not treating the underlying reason

The only way to absolutely fix your problem is to address the root cause. As an example, you might assume that moisture in your bathroom is the source of mold when, in fact, your heating and cooling system is spreading it.

If you have any questions about mold removal, feel free to contact us. We’ll give you the details you need to make smart decisions in the future and prevent further damage to your property.

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