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Mold can grow anywhere in your home where there is water, moisture, or condensation, but it grows best on surfaces that are high in cellulose, such as wood, cardboard, drywall, and insulation. Consequently, mold remediation typically begins with removing these permeable materials from infested areas before wiping down walls and floors with bleach-based cleaners that are typically applied by splashing the surface and then wiping with clean cloths soaked in water. soapy water for about five minutes per square foot cleaned. Once all household components have been effectively sanitized against any future fungal growth, mold remediation specialists can begin applying new coats of paint or vinyl.

Tools And Equipment For Mold Removal

The proper devices and equipment to be more reliable when doing a DIY mold removal in West Hills job consist of: spray pans, scrub brushes, containers, plastic sheets with elastic edges (to cover surfaces), an air purifier as well of disposable gloves and eye protection protective equipment. Use these products in conjunction with the following actions after first shutting off any running water in the area where you are working: Remove all porous products from infested areas before scrubbing walls/floors using bleach-based cleaners that are generally They are applied by spraying them on the surfaces and then wiping them with clean towels soaked in soapy water for approximately five minutes per square foot.


Now that we have shared with you a couple of recommendations on how to go through the mold removal in West Hills process, we strongly recommend that you always refer to a qualified and licensed mold removal company as they will be the only ones able to offer you the assistance. necessary.

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