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In some cases, looking for water damage on hardwood floors can be challenging due to color and also lack of architectural fit. Water damage to hardwood floors can sometimes go unnoticed. When you notice that there may be something strange on your hardwood floor, the damage has already been done. When looking for water damage on hardwood floors, be aware of the problem and practice safe driving by wearing safety gear.

What you need to know about signs of water damage to hardwood floors:

Do You See An Increase In Your Water Costs?

In some cases, although the leak may literally go unnoticed, it may show up on your monthly water bill. A sudden spike in your water costs could indicate a leak somewhere you don’t know about.

There are several things to think about when you see an increase in water use. How is an ordinary bill in your locality and use of water? We recommend going online to your city’s site and checking prices for your neighborhood.

Was even more water used during that period? From time to time we can have family members watch, take more bubble baths than usual or clean up more meals and this is sure to bring about a change.

What season did you see this boost in? Summer can cause higher water bills as we typically use much more water today. During the summer, most people water their gardens or take care of their swimming pool, which affects the water bill.

A faucet that leaks around one drip per second could be wasting around 17 gallons over the course of a day! You can imagine that 17 gallons dripping directly onto your hardwood floor every day would not look good. If you notice an increase in your water use, promptly call a water damage restoration expert to check your residential or commercial property for possible leaks.

Do You See A Bad Smell In Your House?

The water damage smell is unique and easily visible. This suffocating smell is often an indicator that moisture is somewhere it shouldn’t be. The musty odor is triggered by the release of chemicals by the growth as it grows, eats, and multiplies. It is a mixture of several substances that react with each other. If there is a room in your home with a strong odor, circulate the fresh air supply immediately. We suggest opening the windows of the house to start cleaning the air of germs.

Mold grows successfully on porous products, so be careful when inspecting if you’re doing it yourself. If mold is discovered, it is best to find the source of the moisture to determine if there is a leak. Surely I advise you to treat any type of problem that may be presented to you promptly by a specialist.

Do You Notice Any Kind Of Suction Cups On Your Floors?

Cupping in hardwood floors occurs when the edges of the board rise higher than the center. Assuming the technicians installed the flooring correctly, the follow-up action is directly due to moisture on your floors. This excess humidity causes the foot to swell, fitting the boards, and creating deformations on the sides.

If you notice spores on your hardwood floors, take precautions by opening windows or doors to let fresh air flow. Breathing any type of mold can create allergies. If you do clean up yourself, be sure to wear a dust mask and some type of latex hand covering for protection.

Inevitably, we suggest you contact us, your regional water damage restoration business, for help repairing the damage if you notice water damaged flooring. On top of that, you may need a flooring service provider after the water damage is fixed to offer sanding and finishing. A flooring specialist can sand the floor and bring the wood back to life. This will help remove any visible blemishes caused by water damage.

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