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If your basement is flooded, it is essential to take the necessary steps to restore it as quickly as possible. A flood can not only cause extensive damage to your belongings and residential or commercial property, it can also lead to health problems if not treated properly. This short article will look at the 4 steps you need to take after your basement floods.

After a flood in your basement, you will definitely need to contact our water damage restoration service; In the meantime, you can take some steps to mitigate the effects of the occurrence.

How to Properly React to a Basement Flood

If you have water in your basement, your first action should be to turn off any electrical equipment in the area, including electricity and gas. Never enter a flooded area while the power is on because you risk a short circuit.

Regardless of the water source, wear boots and gloves to be safe. You can also take the extra precaution of wearing a protective mask. Hip or chest waders can also be helpful if the water is above your knees. Be careful when walking and moving in the flooded area, as you are likely to slip. Contact our flood restoration in Porter Ranch professionals if you do not have these types of devices

Do not touch electrical items such as televisions, stereos, or lights, even with the power turned off. It is best to let electrical items dry in place and consult experts to determine the amount of damage.

Destroy rugs and remove them from the flooded basement as soon as possible. Throw rugs can prevent the floor below from drying out if they are not removed quickly. It can be a challenge to dry these materials effectively, we are often able to reclaim wet carpets.
Any clothing damaged by the flood should be removed and laundered as soon as possible. Do not clean or repair clothing items while they are still in the basement. They can usually keep these items if you act quickly.

Why Hire Flood Restoration Experts?

If you have any questions about the flood restoration in Porter Ranch process, please feel free to contact us. We’ll give you the details you need to make smart decisions in the future and prevent further damage to your property.

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